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We have different monthly themes and activities.
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To register your child for day care, Fully bilingual (English/French)
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We have a capacity of 68 children, Fully bilingual (English/French)
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Welcome to Carrefour Des Poupons

At Carrefour Des Poupons, we have the resources, experience, space, time and energy to give each child the attention they need to be happy and healthy. We give the child the opportunity to create their own environment through constructive activities such as art, music, sports, cooking, stories and a lot of time to stretch. Our tools include open learning materials such as blocks, puzzles, books, an abundance of art supplies and many more. We discuss different topics each month and information on topics is made available to all on the billboard. Children think about these issues through discussion, movement, games, stories, art and imitating others. All classes have different objectives, a timetable and specific activities, and we conduct evaluations several times a year, followed by parent-educator meetings.